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About Us

Legacy Sports Group is a consulting, management and event production firm who specializes in the sports tourism industry. The LSG team works alongside communities to help transform their destinations through sport. We also assist in the management and operation of facilities, plan and produce both sporting and community engagement events. 

LSG can deliver solutions for every aspect of sport. By leveraging our diverse experiences, innovative and collaborative thinking, LSG is able to help guide organizations through feasibility studies, reimagine workflows, or advise on continued business development.

Our Mission: To assist organizations in developing strategies and solutions to transform their destination through the business of sport. 

Our Vision: We endeavor to become the leading voice at the intersection of youth sports and economic development for communities.

Our Clients

One of Legacy Sports Group’s founding principles is to ensure everything we do contributes to the betterment of the sports industry. Below is a listing of some of the organizations we have been able to assist with their continued endeavors to build, grow and improve the sports industry. Our clients and their satisfaction with the work produced by LSG is our top priority.

Grand Park Sports Campus:

We Field Champions Documentary

We took on the role of coordinators for producing a documentary showcasing the rich history of the Grand Park Sports Campus in Westfield, IN. ‘We Field Champions: A Decade of Grand Park’ symbolizes the dedication and passion of our team, as well as all those involved in bringing this project to life.

Professional Affiliations

When you choose Legacy Sports Group, you are also able to leverage the benefits of the LSG network and the benefits of the LSG network are powerful. 

In addition to the diverse groups of industry partners, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the leading tourism, sports and education institutions by serving  on boards or becoming valued members of their leadership teams.