We Deliver Business Solutions in Sport

Our extensive background sets us apart from many other companies because of our ability to cater to various groups and pull from diverse backgrounds related to the sports tourism industry as a whole.

William R. Knox​ Sr.

President | CEO

William R. Knox, President and CEO of Legacy Sports Group, has carried a longtime passion for sports and the business behind sport. His extensive experience within the Sports Tourism industry is second to none in the state of Indiana. From conceptualizing and operationalizing the sports tourism arm for Hamilton County Tourism, to managing the largest sports complex in the U.S., William is the backbone of LSG and a trusted expert when it comes to the impact sport has on a community.  

Under William’s leadership, Legacy Sports Group works side by side with communities throughout the U.S. to transform their destinations by leveraging the power of sport. William also helps communities take their thriving sports recreation programs and align them with their sports tourism goals.

Above all else, William’s first priority is his family. William’s three children are his pride and joy and the contributing reason behind his motivation to start his own company. The company name, Legacy Sports Group, is derived from his desire to build a legacy for his family such that they have an opportunity to positively impact communities just like he has for the last 25 years.